Traditional Charity Christmas Party at the Bulgarian Embassy

Dear All, 

The 12 December Christmas Charity Party is upon us!  And, according to predictions by the Mayas and others, shortly afterwards, on 21 December, is the end of the world! In these circumstance we believe it will be extremely wise to come to the party at the Embassy, do a good deed and donate generously to charity...

on 12 December, to go to Heaven if the world ends on 21 December, as predicted.  Then celebrate as if there is no tomorrow… because there might not be!  And if the world does not end, (which is the more likely scenario, according to expert in-house BCC numerologists, fortune-tellers and Turkish-coffee-shape-readers) you will still have done a good deed, and celebrated as if there is no tomorrow! 

As you know, our Club is a proud co-organiser of this party. We (and that means the esteemed Members in particular) are contributing as in past year the big raffle prizes.

This year they are:

  • The new Kindle Fire
  • A great Panasonic Camera
  • A beautiful Parker Fountain Pen

Unlike previous years and with a view of the pending end of the world, we have pulled some major connections and have convinced two great footballers to graciously contribute signed jerseys.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have the pleasure to offer to the highest bidder at the auction jerseys signed by Frank Lampard and our very own Dimitar Berbatov!

Do bring your wallets and your spirit of generosity! 

And last, but not least, fresh from Sofia mega star DESSI DOBREVA will look after the dance spirit of the party, while the much beloved London Bulgarian Choir and Tanetz will provide the traditional Bulgarian Christmas spirit.



We look forward to celebrating in style the impending end of the world together!


Yours truly,

The BCC Committee