Bulgarian Landmark in Olympic London

Dear Members and Friends, The genie is out of the bottle: our Club's community initiative for a Bulgarian drinking water fountain in Kensington Gardens is now shared with the entire nation and we are glad to send you a link to an article on the subject in Bulgarian daily 24 Chasa!

After many months of hard work, high level negotiations with various decision makers, ...

stakeholders, a celebrity or two, assorted royals (some connected to parks, others not), a Bulgarian ministry or two, several organisations on both sides of the Channel, while keeping it quiet until it was a real option… we are glad to announce that the real work is about to begin!

Under the joint patronage of Dimitar Berbatov and our Club’s President HRH Prince Kyril we have secured the option for the Bulgarian community to create a Bulgarian symbol for generations to come in the heart of Olympic London, the unveiling of which will be marked by a half day cultural event next to Royal Albert Memorial.

Our dream is within reach but it will only happen with the joint effort of the entire community: from Berbo and His Royal Highness down to the next generation Bulgarians, the schoolchildren from the many Bulgarian schools around the world, who are running their own fundraising campaign to help make the fountain a possibility and make each and every pound, raised by them count.

In this extraordinary initiative, we will have to call on the beloved Bulgarian classic Diado Vazov, who described the effort of everyone to join and contribute to the April Uprising to the best of their ability:

И всякоя възраст, класа, пол, занятье зимаше участье в това предприятье; богатий с парите, сюрмахът с трудът, момите с иглата, учений с умът…

While we do not live exactly in revolutionary times, putting an inscription in Cyrillic and a Bulgarian national symbol in the heart of royal London is no small feat, so we would like to call upon your kind financial support for the common goal and good. We leave to you to decide the amount, what is important is to join in and do it together as a community.

At this point we will not be needing maidens with sewing skills (per above), but there will be opportunities for those with singing skills, as well as some with events management, web design and PR experience. Not to limit the scope of help and skills, some of which Diado Vazov could have never imagined they could even exist, please contact us if you think you can help with man hours and expertise.

We would be very grateful if you spread the word (and also the article) to compatriots and sympathisers around the world. Together we can generate a global viral campaign for this great initiative, including through its Facebook page (for which you can find a link below as well). Please encourage support and participation, and hopefully, participate yourself! Donations could be pledged by sending an email to the dedicated email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. An email with a bank account, instructions how to donate and opportunities for corporate sponsors will follow shortly. One guy said about four years ago "Yes, we can", and as they say, the rest is history. Let us together, as a community of Bulgarians, make history!

You can send donating to the specially designated account below and drop a line, confirming your transfer, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Name: The Bulgarian City Club

Sort code: 20-32-00

Account number: 33405125

Bank: Barclays



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