The 2011 BCC Annual General Meeting

The Agenda of the AGM was as follows:


1. Discussion of 2010 Club activities, to be presented by the General Committee

2. Approval of the Annual Financial Report, to be presented by the Treasurer

3. Plans, suggestions and open discussion of activites for 2011-2012...

4. Election of the General Committee

5. Voting of BCC Honorary Members

6. Other business


The Club's Annual General Meeting, held on Friday, 13 May, went pretty well for a date with such a controversial/notorious reputation, and demonstrated once again that the BCC  members, (rather than Fate,) are firmly in control of our Club's destiny!


The AGM participants reviewed the year behind and had a great discussion on many new and promising initiatives.  The Club's new initiative/project aimed at engaging the Bulgarian community in the London Olympics cultural programme was highly appreciated by the participants and turned out to be the topic of special attention. We also discussed with many of the best and brightest Bulgarian students in the UK the Club's Future Leaders programme. Together with this initiative to co-opt closer the bright young lads and lasses into the Club's life, the AGM authorised the Committee to create an Advisory Council, which will take advantage of the experience and wisdom of more senior Club members and high profile Friends.


The Club's programme ahead will also feature traditional favourites such as City Clubs United networking parties, Annual Ball, and many other events that are products of the fun loving spirit and ingenuity of our Members.


As is customary, the AGM elected a General Committee for the year ahead.

Committee Member Ivan Vatchkov did not run for re-election due to his relocation to Singapore. The Committee wishes to thank him for his years of tireless service and contribution to the Club and express hope that he will carry the spirit and start a City Club outpost in Asia as a first step to our transgalactic expansion.


The new committee member is Vesselina Haralampieva, a Harvard Law School graduate, working as a lawyer at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. With this new arrival the Committee gender balance is even, with three representatives of each gender, which puts the Club far ahead of corporate boards, governments and many other wannabes in the gender balance field!


The AGM also voted to increase the Club Membership dues for the first time in over 5 years from £50 to £60 per year and freeze the dues from further increases for at least two years.


More on all these and other issues will be reflected in the AGM minutes, to be posted on the BCC site shortly. We wish to thank all of those who came to the AGM for their enthusiasm and great ideas, and are looking forward to implementing the exciting new initiatives!



The BCC General Committee: Iva Ruicheva, Martina Hajjar, Nikolai Alexandrov, Nikola Milushev, Vesselina Haralampieva and Zarko Iankov