ROMAN BATH, a comedy at the Arcola Theatre

Our Chance to Support a Bulgarian play in English in London

We would like to kindly invite you to help with the community-funding of the production of Stanislav Stratiev’s Roman Bath for the first time ever on British stage at the famous Arcola Theatre in London!

The much-loved Bulgarian play Roman Bath has been performed...

over 10 consecutive seasons in Sofia to packed halls as well as throughout the Balkans and as far as the USA and India, but never on British soil. Now, award-winning playwright Justin Butcher brings to life this satirical masterpiece in fresh translation in English and adaptation, commissioned specifically for this production.

The organisers at Gologan Productions have encountered sudden financial difficulties, have had to scale down the "Bulgarian Season" at Arcola to just one play and hence this appeal for you to help in any way you can make this production become a reality. Gologan's website can be accessed here:


The play is produced under the Patronage of HRH Prince Kyril of Bulgaria and with the generous support of Sir Tom Stoppard.


Important: When you make a donation through PayPal, please put a note in the "Add special instructions to the seller section, saying "BCC" so that we can keep a track of the total amount raised by us, our friends of friends, strangers and unrelated parties.

We ask that you commit as little as £10. It does add up and together we can make a difference. If you have spent £10 to see James Cameron’s blue people, we hope that you will trust Sir Tom’s judgment and spend at least as much to support original art in the form of 19 performances by 22 actors and artists of the Roman Bath production.

Following on the success on the 5th Annual Bulgarian Film Festival in London when you helped sell out the performances, we are positive that together we will bring another cultural success to London.

We look forward to another great Bulgarian night on 29 April, 2010, at the Arcola Theatre!

Thank you!

You can follow the progress of the rehearsals and the journey of the play to the the Arola stage on Facebook:!/pages/THE-ROMAN-BATH-a-Comedy-at-the-Arcola-Theatre/113401848682909


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