Next Monthly Meeting on 2 May

In view of important dates next week, that are worth celebrating together with friends, we invite you to a special Monthly gathering on Thursday, 2 May.   


May Day is always a highlight in the calendar of the business and financial proletariat in the city where Karl Marx wrote Das Kapital.    We invite all those among you who seek reduction of their working day from the current 23 hours to join us on the day after 1 May for common action!  We have nothing to lose but our iPhones.


Later the same week, after the warming up Easter celebrated by the locals a month ago, we have our very own, real-egg ‘n’ kozunaks Easter!  You can use the Monthly to swap egg paints and kozunak recipes, as well as warm up with a few drinks for the Easter weekend. 


The details are:   on  2nd May, from 7pm onwards, at All Bar One, Butler's Wharf, 34 Shad Thames, Butler's Wharf, Spice Quays, London, SE1 2YG  Ask for the area booked in the name of The Bulgarian City Club.


Looking forward to a monthly combining social and spiritual elements like never before. Don’t miss it!


Kind regards,

The BCC Committee