15th Anniversary Ball

Slightly more than 15 years ago, under the nose of unsuspecting businessfolk, a group of conspirators gathered in a darkened room in the North-Eastern corner of the City of London.  What they did not know was that the organisation they created on that day will, in the next 15 years, commit acts beyond the worst suspicions of tabloid newspapers and populist politicians.  It would successfully convince members of the public to part with hard-earned cash (for charity, apparently). Its members would promote their country, its beauty, rich culture and history, and even its business opportunities, to anyone naïve enough to listen.  Last year their scheming activities reached their climax: they invaded the finest Royal Park in the land: Kensington Gardens, installed a water fountain right in the middle, and called it the Bulgarian Spring!   One understands why certain UK politicians and newspapers wish to avoid more such scandalous activities.


Dear Members and Friends,

We invite you to share in our pride and friendship at a great party, which will rock the ground between Kensington and Konyovitsa, Maida Vale and Mladost, Pall Mall and Poduene!  A 15th anniversary is symbol of youth and Spring, therefore, fittingly, the BCC 15th anniversary ball will take place on 22 March, in the first hours of Spring, at the renowned & refined private members club Home House. In the traditional season for carnivals, bacchanalias and similar feasts for the flesh, the ball will feature Venetian masks, hidden identities, secret pleasures, intrigue, sensual rituals, and lots of surprises.   


Very little time is left to get your tickets for the key event of this spring - The 15th Anniversary Ball of the Bulgarian City Club! We would like to remind you the discount tickets are going fast and we strongly encourage you to reserve yours this weekend - so you can look forward to night of mystical, Venetian-inspired debauchery, spiced up by the shining star of some of Bulgaria's most exciting singers who are flying in from Sofia as our exclusive guest-entertainers.


To tickle your appetite, here are some of the surprises included in the ticket:


- 8pm Welcome to the fabulous venue - London's most exclusive private members' club, the Home House




Your ticket includes canapes and a few free drinks to start your night off



- Our guest-entertainers, who are bringing a touch of class from urban Sofia - amongst them Orlin Pavlov, the frontman of popular band "Каффе"



The evening continues with an exclusive club night, in the same venue, with no extra queues or charges - look for the secret surprise we have in store for you - the hottest young DJ rocking London's night-scene:

Ladies - this is the time to show off your classiest evening dress! Gents - don't forget to get your Black Tie with a twist out! Everyone - seek out the most mysterious Venetian masks to make this playful evening one to remember!


This will be an enchanting night where distinguished guests from far and away are congregating to celebrate 15 years of success, friendship, and togetherness. Come and meet veterans of the club and the London City, as well as an array of new members we are excited to welcome! 


As ever, we will have to follow a strict attendance policy, as spaces are limited.   


From 10 to 17th of March:

Member - £70

Member Guest - £85


Until 17th March

BCC Friends - £90


From 18 to 21st of March

Everyone - £120

We prefer payments direct to our bank account in order to save the PayPal fees.

Account name: Bulgarian City Club
Account number: 40456608
Bank sort code: 20-32-00
Bank: Barclays

However, if you must pay by PayPal, please use the buttons below:


BCC Member - £70 until 17th March








BCC Member Guest (one Guest per Member) - £85 until 17th March






BCC Friend - £90 until 18th March





We look forward to celebrating together 15 years of friendship!


The BCC Committee