Summer Special Monthly Gathering: Julaia in Piccadilly

The English Summer is finally here and the time is just right for our Summer Special Monthly Gathering!

This time we are combining two cherished traditions: our Monthly gathering, loved and expected by Bulgarian London, and Julaia, loved and celebrated by all Bulgarians. Inevitably, Julaia on the Thames will differ somewhat from the prototype, practiced on the Black Sea coast for many decades. Rather than getting stoned at sunrise in Aheloi, you are expected to get gently inebriated at sunset in the Piccadilly area. It is still OK to sing "July Morning" by Uriah Heep. You are also encouraged to explain to perplexed locals what it is all about, and maybe also to get them involved!

The event will take place on Friday, 1 July from 18.30, and due to the special character, we secured a special and beautiful venue: the bar on the 5th floor of the Waterstone’s bookstore on Piccadilly:

The event will be even more special for our Members, who will be welcomed with free drinks. 

Don’t miss this great opportunity to get together with your BCC mates, the Club’s President, Prince Kyril, as well as the newest Honorary Member of the Club, HE Ambassador Lyubomir Kyuchukov and celebrate the summer, before everyone disappears on the beaches. See you at level 5 in Piccadilly on the First of Julaia!